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Curiosity spots to visit: Lets say your wanting to go flea marketing, maybe antique shop hopping or needing to dine at a local restaurant? Or maybe your curious itch is siteseeing? Which by the way is our all time favorite activity locally, especially when the tree leaves start to change colors in the fall. Or finding out where the best fishing hole is? Whatever suites you, your gonna find amazing bits of treasure either for the heart, mind or soul as you trek the lake area. Should you need a little time to think about what it is your looking for, go to the Pomme De Terre Dam playground park area, located just below the Dam hilltop. Or stop and gaze out across the never ending valley stretching so far as the eye can see. Absorb and relax until you figure out what it is you want to do, (Bring an book to read or write your own.) Famous authors have been inspired throughout the Ozark region and possibly you could be the next. Whatever it is your spirit yearns for, open yourself up to the oh so many possibilities locally and breathe-in the enchanting allure of our lake region.

nemo missouri bumper cars
Bumper Cars,Mini Golf and Arcade in the Nemo area. Behind the flea Market on 254.

Bait and Fishing Tackle
Alps Grocery.
Trading Post.

Pittsburg MO & Lake, (Map Quest):
Pittsburg Missouri Map.

Crappie Hole, Carsons Corner.
The Harbor,Lake Pomme De Terr.
Jake's Corner Cafe

Drive in Restaurants:
Mr Eds Drive in.
AJs Drive in.

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